Creative Media Education

Creative Media Education

SAE Institute Glasgow Campus

Come and visit the campus to see for yourself

Open Day // 8th November 2014 

The Glasgow campus opened in 1990 and has since established itself as a premier training facility for audio and digital filmmaking creatives with a strong reputation in the industry. 

Here you will find inspiring tutors and lecturers together with unrivalled facilities for the sole purpose of dedicated, creative students with one thing on their mind; To Do, Learn and Create surrounded by the atmosphere that only an SAE Institute campus can offer



Glasgow‘s pride is the soul of the city - a city hell bent on retaining their fiercely independent reputation for only creating works of digital, film and musical genius that always seeks to break the boundaries of creativity... No copies, no imitations and no limitations have seen international brands and SAE students flock here to pick up on the contagiously competitive vibe. Whether its the latest in the EDM scene at The Arches or being inspired within the Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow is waiting for you to make your mark on its scene.

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